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About energienulshop!

The energienulshop is the most durable shop in the Netherlands. Our range consists of products that contribute to your energy and your good sense to enjoy sustainable. For you this means brands at a competitive price. View our diverse offerings and go for the good green feeling. For technical questions, good advice or information about a product, please contact our expert. We can help you with making the right choices!

Sustainable excellence

In our shop you will find only products that meet the high demands of Energienulshop. Here we are behind, so this assures the best quality and durability at a competitive price. In other words: all products carry the label of Save Home and thus the highest return. This range will help you on your way to substantial energy savings (existing home) or even to zero on the meter (new energienulwoning).

If you opt for photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, you want to save by means wind energy, LED lighting or solar? Are you looking for quality solutions for sustainable building? The possibilities are endless.

Your sustainable spider in the web!

My name is Walter Boerema and I am the founder of Energienulshop. I grew up in the West Frisian Hoogwoud, where a healthy dose of common sense, deal is a deal and hard work is obvious. I worked in the climate engineering and construction. Through my work experience and training I have developed a distinct vision for sustainable solutions in housing. I energienulshop translated into a special shop for individuals that go to enjoy sustainable and energy in and around the house. Likewise, you contribute a bit for a cleaner world.

A notice!

From my network I have the right suppliers approached that fit into my vision and mission. So we can assure you of materials and products that deliver the best results. All products carry the label of Save details, this means that you're guaranteed a purchase with the highest efficiency. We advise on design, materials or energy your size! Energienulshop your durable spider may be the Web.

The brands which fit seamlessly into Energienulshop include;

Solar Watt / Kingspan / Brink Climate System and Accoya wood

In addition to the highest efficiency, I committed to clear, comprehensive advice. Ultimately, you must make the right choices.

A cleaner world!

The mission of Energienulshop is to contribute to a cleaner world for our children. Every little bit helps and the "higher purpose" is obvious. I also think investing in a sustainable future for all of this time and hip. It is my mission to convince people of its importance. Also I'd let them understand that energy conservation begins at home. I also have a passion for sustainable technologies and sustainable solutions in housing. The key objectives of Save Home and Energienulshop everything comes together for me.


From the above vision, the goal of Energienulshop to get as much as possible to help people in a comfortable, energy efficient home. We are specialist in both subprojects in construction to complete energienulwoningen. Energienieshop is your supplier for the purchase of durable goods. Using our Home Circle Save the environment is saved up and you benefit from significant energy savings! We call this sustainable enjoy!

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